What is NOT4RZ?

We are a group of homeowners who formed a group in 2015 in response to a proposal to rezone our 4 wards to allow for secondary suites.

The proposal was brought forward by the Councillors from Wards 7, 8, 9 and 11, and would have changed the Land Use Designations for all single-family homes in all communities within those 4 wards. The Motion was ultimately defeated by a 9 -6 vote at Council on June 29, 2015.

We represent communities within all of those 4 wards. The name "Not for (4) Rezoning" (NOT4RZ) was chosen because we were opposing the rezoning in our 4 wards. Most of us are active on our Community Association Boards, and we created this website as a spot to post information and updates about the Secondary Suite issue.

(If you are interested in the original proposal and what it would have meant, further details and background can be found here.)

The link to the historical FAQ's also provides information about secondary suites and zoning, as well as a full summary of what the rezoning would have meant had it been approved.